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2016.005.303 The Hartland family at Ruth wedding to Geo. Price

: 2016.005.303



: 1940-08-31 - --

: Annette Devlin and Estate of Wilfrid Jowett

: Wilfrid Jowett

: 1940s, Hartland; Clifford, Hartland; Dennis, Hartland; George, Hartland; Gertie, Hartland; Rachel, Hartland; Thomas, Jowett; Eleanor (Murton), Jowett; Walter Cyril, Price; George, Price; Ruth (Hartland), Stach; Hazel (Hartland), Stach; Karl 'Charlie', and wedding

: Edgewood

1 b/w digital photograph (3591 pixels x 2401 pixels)

Hartland family at wedding of Ruth Hartland and George Price, Edgewood, 31 August 1940. List of people in photo on back: Ruth Price (top centre), George Price (second from left, top row), Eleanor Jowett, Walter Jowett (right, 2nd row from bottom), Thomas Hartland, Hazel Stach (nee Hazel Hartland), Karl Stach, Rachel Hartland (top right), Gertie Hartland, George Hartland, Dennis Hartland, Clifford Hartland.

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