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2016.005.262 Doris house Edgewood (Hank & Doris hopp’s house from old Edgewood.)

: 2016.005.262



: 1967-06-10

: Annette Devlin and Brian Hopp

: Doris Hopp

: 1960s, Arrow Lakes flooding (Columbia River Treaty), building relocation, farms, Hopp Bros. dairy farm (Inonoaklin Valley), Hopp; Bert, Hopp; Cornelia 'Corrie' (deGans), Hopp; Doris (Keffer), and Hopp; Hank

: Edgewood

1 colour digital photograph (3800 pixels x 3760 pixels)

Hank Hopp & Corrie Hopp house being lowered from flatbed, Hopp family farm, Inonoaklin Valley north of Edgewood, 10 June 1967. The house was moved to the farm in advance of the Edgewood townsite's flooding by the construction of Arrow Dam the following year. Bert Hopp and Doris Hopp moved into the house in autumn 1968.

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