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2016.005.216 Sidney onse Jongste Zoon met een vroehl boom stammen aan den rivier (Columbia)

: 2016.005.216



: 1950-- - 1959--

: Annette Devlin and Brian Hopp

: Cornelia Hopp and Hank Hopp

: 1950s, Crossing Lumber Company/Hopp Bros., Dump Beach, forestry, Hopp; Sidney, logging trucks, and Lower Arrow Lake

: Edgewood

1 b/w digital photograph (3987 pixels x 2571 pixels)

Sid Hopp of Hopp Bros. posing with his logging truck loaded with logs, Lower Arrow Lake at Edgewood, ca. 1950s. Approximate translation of title from Dutch: 'Sidney, our youngest son, with large logs on the river (Columbia)'.

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