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2015.028.98 Inonoaklin Valley School 1940

: 2015.028.98



: 1940--

: Annette Devlin

: 1940s, Angrignon; Al, Bilinski; Lucia (Flick), Classon; Eleanor, Classon; Harry, Classon; Max, Classon; Walter, DeYaeger; Johnny, Donselaar; Teresa (DeYaeger), Flick; Art, Flick; John, Henry; Emily (Hopp), Hopp; Sidney, Inonoaklin Valley School, Klein; Eugene, Klein; Hugo, Morrison; Vera (Prough), Popoff; John, Popoff; Mike, Prough; Eileen (deGans), school, Spence; Ella (Hug), Street; Lawrence 'Bud', and Wilson; Mabel 'Pokey'

: Edgewood

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Class portrait, Inonoaklin Valley Public School north of Edgewood, 1940. TOP(l-r): Walter Classon, Eugene Klein, Hugo Klein, Al Angrignon (teacher), Johnny DeYaeger, Harry Classon, Lawrence Streeter (Bud Streeter), Lawrence deGans. MID: Jean Prough, Harold Hug, Sidney Hopp, Mike Popoff, John Flick, Max Classon, Arthur Flick, John Popoff, Teresa DeYaeger. BOT: Eileen deGans, Mabel Wilson (Pokey Wilson), Vera Prough, Lucie Flick, Ella Hug, Eleanor Classon, Emily Hopp. Inscription reads 'Photo by Burt'

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