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2015.028.79 Frank Old, Aunt Emily Old and Edith Flick – nee Old

: 2015.028.79

: E31-1A


: 1915-- - 1919--

: Annette Devlin and Marvel Milne

: Edith Flick

: 1910s, Flick; Edith (Old), Old; Emily (Kirby), and Old; Frank

: Edgewood

1 digital image (2041 x 3233 pixels), 1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Studio portrait of siblings Frank Old (left) and Edith Old (right, later Edith Flick) with their aunt Emily Old (centre), late 1910s. Note on rear from Joyce Barker: 'Aunt Emily is my great aunt. She is a sister to Mary Kirby who was my mother's mother. She raised mom. Mom's mother died in May 1907. Mom was 5 weeks old.'

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