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2015.028.266 Spiller Family 1951

: 2015.028.266



: 1951--

: Annette Devlin

: Giselle Devlin

: 1950s, Devlin; Giselle (Spiller), Hartinger; Erma (Spiller), Spiller ranch (Fauquier), Spiller; Barbara, Spiller; Edward, and Spiller; Walter

: Fauquier

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Spiller family posing in front the family home, Fauquier, 1951. TOP(L-R): Giselle Devlin (nee Giselle Spiller), Walter Spiller, Edward Spiller, Erma Hartinger (nee Erma Spiller). BOT: Barbara Spiller (nee Barbara Hallbauer)

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