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2015.028.233 Needles School, Teacher Mr. Murdock, Early 1950s

: 2015.028.233



: 1950-- - 1954--

: Annette Devlin

: 1950s, Adshead; Ken, Boettger; Robert, Craft; Dorothy, Detta; Shirley, Drysdale; Eddie, Ferguson; Shirley, Forslund; Verna, Haggart; Donald, Hollis; Carole, Jordan; Fred, Kendrick; Phyllis, Muller; Morris, Murdock; Mr., Needles Elementary-High School, Old; Harold (younger), Prough; Alice, Prough; Bob, Redman; Elsie, school, Stykel; Willie, Tedesco; Don, Underwood; Donald, Underwood; Frank, Vennard; Bill, Vennard; Leroy, Volansky; Pat, Walker; Norman, Woodman; Sylvia, Yarmashuk; Bill, and Yarmashuk; Eileen

: Needles

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Class portrait, Needles Elementary-High School, early 1950s. TOP (l-r): Mr. Murdock (teacher), Elsie Redman, Verna Forslund, Sylvia Woodman, Willie Stykel, Don Tedesco, Fred Jordan, Leroy Vennard, Don Haggart, Bob Prough. MID: Eileen Yarmoshuk, Alice Prough, Dorothy Craft, ?, Shirley Ferguson, Norman Walker, Morris Muller, Frank Underwood, Harold Old, Bill Vennard, Ed Drysdale. BOT: Don Underwood, Phyllis Kendrick, Robert Boettger, Carole Hollis, Bill Yarmoshuk, Pat Volansky, Shirley Detta, Ken Adshead.

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