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2015.028.205 Frank Sekeres cherry picking camp, Whatshan Lake

: 2015.028.205



: 1950-- - 1959--

: Annette Devlin

: Margaret Williams

: 1950s, Baker; Sharon (Pender), Hallbauer; Mrs., Jackson; Charlotte, Jackson; Red, Jackson; Rose, Jones; Nanny, Pender; John, Pender; Margaret (deGans), picnic, Sekeres; Frank, Vrooman; Peggy, Whatshan Lake, Williams; Margaret (Marshall), and Yeld; Muriel (Hart)

: Whatshan Lake

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Group of 20 people underneath 'Welcome to Whatshan Lakes' sign. TOP(l-r): Mrs. Yeld, Margaret Williams, ?, John Pender, ?, Margaret Pender, Sharon Pender, ?. MID: Nanny Jones, Mrs. Hallbauer, Mrs. Vrooman, Russian girl from Winlaw, Russian girl from Winlaw, Russian girl from Winlaw, Frank Sekeres. BOT: ?, Gladys (sister of Rose Jackson), Rose Jackson, Charlotte Jackson, Red Jackson

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