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2015.028.115 Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Flick

: 2015.028.115



: 1927-12- - --

: Annette Devlin

: Edith Flick

: 1920s, Flick; Charles 'Charlie', Flick; Edith (Old), Flick; Victor, Old; Emily (Kirby), Old; Frank, Old; Harold, Scaia; Adam, Sekeres; Frank, and wedding

: Edgewood

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Wedding party of Charles Flick and Edith Flick (nee Edith Old) posing in front of church, Edgewood, December 1927. L-R: Frank Old, Frank Sekeres, Victor Flick, Harry Old, Charles Flick, Edith Old, Emily Old, ?, Adam Scaia

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