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2015.025.16 School about 1916 (the Second Schoolhouse)

: 2015.025.16



: 1916--

: John & Romona Damen

: 1910s, Carstens, de Veer; Agnes, Friesen; Annie, Friesen; Herman, Isaac; Tom, Jantz; Anna, Jantz; Cornelius, Krebs; Peter, Mennonites, Reimer; Annie, Reimer; Dave, Reimer; Elizabeth (younger), Reimer; Frank, Reimer; Henry, Robbins; Lena (Krebs), school, Sutherland; Margaret, Sutherland; Mr. (teacher), Toews; Abe, Toews; John, Whatshan School, Wiebe; Dan, Wiebe; Frank P., Wiebe; John, Wiebe; Lizzie, Wiebe; Priscilla, Wiebe; Susie, and Wiebe; Tom

: Whatshan Lake

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School class, Mennonite colony at Whatshan Lake, ca. 1916. Mr. Sutherland, teacher, at top centre. TOP (l-r): Abe Toews, Henry Reimer, Dave Reimer, Bill Wiebe, Frank Wiebe, Anna Jantz, Peter Krebs, Tom Wiebe, John Wiebe, Cornelius Jantz. MID: Elizabeth Reimer, Annie Reimer, Margaret Toews, Priscilla Wiebe, Agnes de Veer. BOT; Tom Isaac, Herman Friesen, Lena Krebs, Annie Wiebe, Margaret Sutherland, Annie Friesen, Susie Wiebe, Frank Reimer.

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