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Arrow Lakes
Historical Society

2015.021.1.1 Reservoir Clearing Crew

: 2015.021.1.1



: 1990-- - 1995--

: BC Hydro

: BC Hydro reservoir clearing crew

: 1990s, Arrow Lakes debris clearing, BC Hydro, Bridge; Leroy, Lindgren; Larry, Lorenzo; Juan, Mackenzie; Carol, and Martens; Bob

1 colour photograph (17.5 cm x 12.6 cm)

Group portrait of temporary workers employed by BC Hydro to help clear debris along the Arrow Lakes, 1990s. Group posing along the lakeshore in front of debris pile. TOP (l-r): Bob Martens, Carol Mackenzie, Juan Lorenzo. BOT: Larry Lindgren, ?, Leroy Bridge. Inscription accompanying photo: 'Seriously - We really appreciate the opportunity to be productive rather than sitting at home. Enjoyed the experience. Thank you to all involved. Not just the work but also feeling of self esteem (and scenery). Really hope this program continues for others in same situation in the future. "Very worthy project!!"'

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