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2015.013.30 Interior, Bank of British Columbia, Sandon, 1972

: 2015.013.30

: H39-9


: 1972-- - --

: Ulrike Zobel

: 1970s, bank, Bank of British Columbia (Sandon), Japanese Canadian internment, and Virginia Hotel/Virginia Block

: Sandon

1 b/w negative (46 mm)

View through window to neighbouring building as seen from interior of Bank of British Columbia building, Sandon, 1972. Notest: 'East wall of Virginia Block showing one of the brick chimneys. This window was added in 1942 by the BC Securities Commission after the building that occupied the property between the Virginia Block and the brick building was removed to make way for the Japanese Canadian internment. This area of the Virginia Block was used as a hospital for the internees from 1942-1944.'

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