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2014.043.8 Arrow Park West School Oct. 7 1936

: 2014.043.8



: 1936-10-07

: Bev McHugh and Bruce Rohn

: 1930s, Arrow Park School, Bedwell; Jean, Desrochers; Fred, Desrochers; Vic, James; Gladys, Kent; Arthur, Kent; Eileen, Kot; Josephine (Houdayer), Lee; Ronnie, Lyons; Ronnie, Lyons; Stan, McGill; Dalton, McGill; Delores, McGill; Jim, McGill; Kathleen, McKee; Charlie, McKee; Frank, McKee; Gladys, McKee; John, McLean; Archie, McLeod; Jack, MIzera; John, school, and Seward; Alfred

: Arrow Park

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Class portrait, West Arrow Park School, 7 October 1936. TOP (l-r): Gladys McKee, Jean Kent, Eileen Kent, Josephine Houdayer, Jack McLeod (teacher), Jean Bedwell, Delores McGill, Kathy McGill, Gladys James. MID: John Mizera, Dalton McGill, Arthur Kent, Jim McGill, Stan Lyons, Alfie Seward, Chuck McKee. BOT: Fred Desrochers, Vic Desrochers, Archie McLean, Ronnie Lyons, Frank McKee, John McKee, Ronnie Lee

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