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2014.043.57 Picnic at Galena Bay School June 1945

: 2014.043.57

: G32-28


: 1945-06- - --

: Bruce Rohn, Hilda Jones, and Muriel Rudd

: 1940s, Anderson; Barbara (Masson), Camozzi; Rose (Dedosenco), Dedosenco; Albert, Dedosenco; Dimitry 'Meta' (Dedoossenco), Dedosenco; Ron, Galena Bay School, Henry; Mrs. E.P., Hinchey; William John, Israel; Cynthia 'Beth', Markstrom; Mary, McKay; Chris, McKay; Pat, McMechan; Charlotte, Mell; Eileen, Mell; Frank, Mell; Joan, Nelson; John, Rudd; Harding, Rudd; Joyce, Rudd; Muriel, Rudd; Thurston, Salmon; Harry, school, Shaw; Melba, and Walker; Helen (Dedosenco)

: Galena Bay

1 digital image (2820 x 1613 pixels), 1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Galena Bay School picnic, June 1945. AT LEFT(l-r): Ronnie Dedosenco, Meta Dedosenco, Albert Dedosenco. TOP: Harry Salmon, Melba Shaw, Mary Markstrom, Thurston Rudd, Joyce Rudd, Beth Israel, Chris McKay, Mr. Hinchey, John Nelson. BOT: Helen Dedosenco, Pat McKay, Muriel Rudd, Harding Rudd, Barbara Anderson, Eileen Mell, Frank Mell, Rose Dedosenco, Mrs. E.P. Henry, Charlotte McMechan, Joan Mell

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