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2014.043.15 Fall 1933 in Trussells Apple orchard

: 2014.043.15



: 1933-09- - 1933-11-

: Bev McHugh and Bruce Rohn

: 1930s, Bielec; Tony, farms, Figner; Joe, McNab; Hector, Middlemass; Alex, Middlemass; Roy, Miskulin; Sadie, Mizera; Annie, Mizera; Chuck, Mizera; Jean, orchard, produce, Thomson; Roy, and Trussell; Les

: Birds Landing

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Group posing in Les Trussell's apple orchard with large crates full of apples. L-R: Hector McNab, Annie Mizera, Leslie Trussell, Roy Thomson, Sadie Miskulin, Roy Middlemass, Jean Mizera, Tony Bielec, Alex Middlemass, Joe Figner, Chuck Mizera

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