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2014.043.12 Bielec house, 1920

: 2014.043.12



: 1921-- - 1929--

: Bev McHugh and Bruce Rohn

: 1920s, Bielec farm (Birds Landing), Bielec; Katarina 'Granny', Bielec; Tony, and Trussell; Les

: Birds Landing

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Trio posing in front of Bielec home at Birds Landing, 1920s. L-R: Katarina Bielec (Granny Bielec), Tony Bielec, Les Trussell. Notes from Bev McHugh: 'In 1921 the Bielec family purchased 104 acres in Birds Landing. At the time they were living in Coleman, Alberta. Moved to the Arrow Lakes in 1924. John Bielec passed away in a mine accident just before the move.'

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