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2014.036.68 The Dance Hall girl Mrs. Maxfield

: 2014.036.68



: 1958-04-19

: Touchstones Nelson - Museum of Art and History

: Willy Frick

: 1950s, 1958 British Columbia centennial, Broadway Street, and Maxfield; Beth

: Nakusp

1 b/w photograph

Actor Beth Maxfield dressed as dance hall girl, Broadway Street at Slocan Avenue, Old West bank robbery reenactment honouring British Columbia centennial, Nakusp, 19 April 1958. Image by Willy Frick ('Picture Willy') and stamped 'Picture Willy, Hospital, Nakusp, B.C.'. Photo was deaccessioned from Touchstones Nelson (accession no. 94.288.1221)

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