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2014.026.495 Crawford Tram Co. of Nelson, B.C. taking one and one-eighth inch cable to the Silver Dollar Mine. Length of Cable 3600 ft. Weight of Cable 7600 ft.

: 2014.026.495

: C41-37/H12-8


: 1906-10-03

: Greg Nesteroff

: Eugene F. Tucker

: 1900s, Branford; E.J., Drew store (Camborne), horse, Hotel Eva, mining, pack train, and Silver Dollar Mine

: Camborne

1 b/w photograph (27.9 cm x 21.6 cm); 2 b/w negatives (35 mm)

Eugene Tucker photo of E.J. Branford pack train hauling cable through Camborne through to Silver Dollar Mine, 3 October 1906. Hotel Eva and Drew store at top. Inscription: 'Copyright by E.F. Tucker. Packed by E.J. Brandford & Co, Camborne, B.C., on 31 horses. Distance: six miles up the mountain trail on Oct. 3rd, 1906.' Each coil weighed 250 pounds and was 1.125 inches thick. Total length was 3,600 feet

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