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2014.018.3204 E.A. Harding, Citizen of the Year 1979

: 2014.018.3204

: S1246-15


: 1979-12-01

: Denis Stanley

: Denis Stanley

: 1970s, Citizen of the Year (Nakusp), Gordon; Bob, Harding; Earnie, Legion Hall (Nakusp), Rotary Club of Nakusp, and Williams; Kay

: Nakusp

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Earnie Harding (centre) being congratulated by Rotary president Bob Gordon (left) and incumbent Citizen of the Year Kay Williams (right) on being named 1979 Nakusp Citizen of the Year, banquet honouring 28th anniversary of Rotary Club of Nakusp and 1979 Nakusp Citizen of the Year Earnie Harding, Royal Canadian Legion Hall, Nakusp, 1 December 1979.

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