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Arrow Lakes
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2014.018.3067 1982 Queens’ stage

: 2014.018.3067

: S1206F-12


: 1982-07-01

: Denis Stanley

: Denis Stanley

: 1980s, Bobicki; Kathy, Buerge; Teresa, Canada Day, Dahlen; Janis (Robins), Dellebuur; Rick, Hanson; Corina, James; Laureen (Hascarl), Nakusp & District Sports Complex, Pigott; Angie (Cataford), Queen of the Arrow Lakes, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Rupp; Selena, and Wilcott; Jacqueline

: Nakusp

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Janis Dahlen (Queen Committee Chairman) speaks with robe bearer girl at 1982 Miss Nakusp (Queen of the Arrow Lakes) pageant, Nakusp & District Sports Complex, 1 July 1982. Seated behind Dahlen, L-R: ?, Teresa Buerge, Selena Rupp, Jacqueline Wilcott (outgoing princess), Laureen Hascarl (outgoing queen, obscured), Corina Hanson, Kathy Bobicki, Angie Cataford (new queen). RCMP officer Rick Dellebuur stands at back.

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