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2014.018.1174 N.S.S. Grad 1981

: 2014.018.1174

: S1073-42


: 1981-05-

: Denis Stanley

: Denis Stanley

: 1980s, Coates; Maureen, Dummerauf; Carla, Foard; Clayton, George; David, Gran; Keith, Hall; Steve, Hascarl; Linda (Larder), high school graduation, Ivanisko; Larry, Klughammer; Alan, Krbyla; Becky (Jansen), Lillico; Archie, MacPherson; Chris, Moller; Don, Moore; Marilyn, Moorhouse; Wayne, Nakusp Secondary School, Nixon; Marc, Noble; Gordon, O'Brien; Kelly, Palsson; Scott, Peterson; Laura, Reimer; Reg, Reiter; Richie, Richards; Laura, Ross; Jeanine (Command; Cann), Rounce; Francie, Rundberg; Randy, school, Scott; David, Walker; David, Wegner; Lyle, Weighill; Tim, Wenman; Carla, Wethal; Connie, White; Austin, Wilson; Cathy, Wohlford; Tracy, and Yano; Darleen

: Nakusp

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Class photo, graduating class of 1981, Nakusp Secondary School, May 1981. TOP(l-r): Austin White, Carla Dummerauf, Kelly O'Brien, Alan Klughammer, Darleen Yano, Steve Hall, Larry Ivanisko, David Walker, Becky Jansen. MID: Richie Reiter, Reg Reimer. Tim Weighill, Wayne Moorhouse, Scott Palsson, Keith Gran, Chris MacPherson, Randy Rundberg, David Scott, Gordon Noble, Clayton Foard, Rick Davis, Lyle Wegner, Archie Lillico. BOT: Maureen Coates, Cathy Wilson, Marc Nixon, Tracy Wohlford, David George, Francie Rounce, Don Moller, Marilyn Moore, Jeanine Command, Connie Wethal, Carla Wenman, Laura Richards, Linda Larder, Laura Peterson.

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