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2014.018.1168 Grand March, 1981 Grad

: 2014.018.1168

: S1073-31


: 1981-05-29

: Denis Stanley

: Denis Stanley

: 1980s, Gran; Judy (Hascarl), Gran; Keith, high school graduation, Nakusp & District Sports Complex, Nakusp Secondary School, Reimer; Reg, school, Weighill; Fay, and Weighill; Tim

: Nakusp

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Members of the 1981 graduating class walk with their parents during Grand March, Nakusp Secondary School graduation ceremony, Nakusp & District Sports Complex, 29 May 1981. Tim Weighill and mother Fay Weighill walk at left, followed by Reg Reimer and mother. Keith Gran and mother Judy Gran walk at centre.

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