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2014.018.1002 1985 Graduates

: 2014.018.1002

: S1044-41


: 1985-05- - 1985-06-

: Denis Stanley

: Denis Stanley

: 1980s, Abbott; Kim, Becker; Ian, Bobicki; Greg, Cound; Dennis, Currie; Ronald, Doherty; Tracey, Gardner; Guy, Hanson; Darren, Hanson; Tim, high school graduation, Hopp; Kurtis, Huyter; Annette, Jacobson; Christina, Jensen; Carla (White), Jensen; Gina, Kohout; Dawn, Larder; Gary, Larder; Leanne, Miller; Dessia, Nakusp Secondary School, Pazurik; Lisa, Rebehy; Wagner, Reitmeier; Anna, Richards; Steve, Samu; Jodee, Samuelson; Susan, school, Stoessel; Elizabeth, Stredulinsky; David, Surina; Karen (Halldorson), Volansky; Rodney, and Wegner; Dawn

: Nakusp

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Nakusp Secondary School 1985 graduate class, Nakusp Secondary School gymnasium. TOP (l-r): Ronald Currie, Dennis Cound, Darren Hanson, Tim Hanson, Guy Gardner, Kurtis Hopp, Rodney Volansky, Greg Bobicki, David Stredulinsky, Gary Larder. MID: Kim Abbott, Jodee Samu, Annette Huyter, Dawn Wegner, Ian Becker, Anna Reitmeier, Sue Samuelson, Carla White, Leanne Larder, Wagner Rebehy. BOT: Dessia Miller, Lisa Pazurik, Karen Halldorson, Gina Jensen, Steve Richards, Dawn Kohout, Tracey Doherty, Elizabeth Stoessel, Christina Jacobson. MISSING: Jean Dupuis, Robert Klopp.

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