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2014.003.911 Genelle house before it was moved

: 2014.003.911

: A49-11


: 1901--

: Irene Fraser

: 1900s, Archard; Amelia (Goupille; Genelle; Cobb), Clements; Clara, Fraser; Irene (Genelle; Hughes), Genelle; Art, Genelle; Jack, Goupille; Phoebe, Stickney; Mercedes 'Marcy' (Genelle), and Upper Arrow Lake

: Nakusp

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Genelle family posing on porch of house at Nakusp, 1901. L-R: Jack Genelle, Art Genelle, Irene Genelle, Clara Clements, Marcy Genelle, Amelia Genelle, Phoebe Goupille. Notes from Milton Parent: 'Genelle, Jack. Location - Bay St. 1893. Builder, info - ?. House was near their mill and then was moved to present location by Sam Henry (1911). Sub owner - Circa 1906 bought, along with a large pre-emption. 1922 Buesnel bros. buy. 1948 Spicers buy.'

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