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2014.003.857 Hot Springs Trail

: 2014.003.857

: A47-1


: 1935-08-

: Archie Herridge

: Dave Fulkco

: 1930s, Fulkco; Dave, hiking/walking trail, Nakusp Hot Springs Trail, and postcard

: Nakusp

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Negative of postcard showing Dave Fulkco of Nakusp (right) and unidentified man posing on trail to Nakusp Hot Springs, ca. August 1935. Postcard sent by Dave Fulkco of Nakusp to Mary Carruthers of Nakusp at Vancouver. Inscription: 'Hope you are enjoying your trip. This was taken on the precipices on the Hot Springs Trail. Can't possibly come [obscured] Vancouver [obscured]. I will expect you at Revelstoke Labor Day. Sincerely, D.J.F.'

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