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2014.003.8396 History Being Made in the Field of Transportation (1941 Federal 4X4 Ore Haul)

: 2014.003.8396



: 1941-- - 1950--

: Denis Stanley

: Seamen Dewis

: 1940s, automobiles, Dewis; Bob, dumptruck, mining, and Standard Mine

: Silverton

1 b/w photograph (2279 x 1436 pixels)

Side-hill gouger used to haul at Standard Mine, Silverton. Notes from accompanying article: "Pictured is a 1941 Federal C.O.E. All Wheel drive. It was purchased by Bob Dewis 50 years ago to haul ore during the winter months from the famous Standard Mine at Silverton. In prior years operating with two wheel drive trucks in the winter was on a "hit & miss" basis and mines cannot operate as such. It was a success although there were a few thrills attached when the weather didn't co-operate and she wuld[sic] lock up and tobogan[sic]. Ask anyone who rode or drove the Federal, there are still some around."

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