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2014.003.814 CGIT, 1939, Nakusp

: 2014.003.814

: A45-1


: 1939--

: Grace Hakeman

: 1930s, Anderson; Alice (Humphris), Anton; Bea (Steenhoff), Berard; Vivian (Reyden), Bill; Leticia, Boden; Mary, Bradbury; Nellie (Humphris), Brodie; Louise, Burgoyne; Irene (Buerge), Busby; Gladys (Olson), Canadian Girls In Training, Coates; Dodie (Munn), Crump; Bernice (Jordan), Davison; Evelyn, Fellows; Hazel (Herridge; Ward), Firbank; Sheila (Leary), Horrey; Edie, Humphries; Charlotte (Barrow), Johanson; Freda, Johanson; Vera, Johnson; Nellie (Horrey), Johnson; Ruth, McCusker; Gay (Barrow), Morrow; Margaret (Salstrom), Shelling; Alice, Sutherland; Kay, and Welch; Dorothy

: Nakusp

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Group portrait of Nakusp CGIT (Canadian Girls in Training) members in uniforms (outdoor), 1939. TOP (l-r):Hazel Herridge, Nellie Humphris, Mary Boden, Charlotte Barrow, Evelyn Davison, Alice Shelling, Bea Steenhoff, Alice Humphris. 2ND:Leticia Bill, Gay Barrow, Irene Buerge, Sheila Leary, Edith Horrey, Vera Johanson, Dorothy Welch. 3RD:Nellie Horrey, Freda Johanson, Kay Sutherland, Louise Brodie, Margaret Salstrom, Ruth Johnson. BOT:Gladys Olson, Dodie Munn, Bernice Jordan, Vivian Berard.

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