Paddle steamer wheel

Arrow Lakes
Historical Society

2014.003.7488 Louise Cusick, et al.

: 2014.003.7488

: H17-15/H17-16


: 1940-- - 1948--

: Louise Cusick and Muren Schachter

: 1940s, Cusick; Louise, Fowler; Dick, Fowler; Ethel (Vipond), Fowler; Jean, Fowler; Kathleen 'Kay', Leslie; Alec, Leslie; Catharine (Vipond), Leslie; Ron, and Vipond; Lena

: Nakusp

2 b/w negatives (35 mm)

Group including Vipond/Fowler family members of Nakusp, ca. 1940s. TOP (l-r): Louise Cusick, Kay Fowler, Lena Vipond, Jean Fowler, Dick Fowler. BOT: Ron Leslie, Alec Leslie, Catharine Vipond, ?, Ethel Fowler, ?.

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