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2014.003.7359 Group portrait at Beaton

: 2014.003.7359

: H11-33


: 1953-- - 1957--

: Alan Marlow

: 1950s, Marlow; Minnie Florence, McIntosh; Hazel, Metzler; Cecilia (Macdonald; Lindsley), Oakey; Beulah, Oakey; Colleen, Oakey; May, Sanders; Kathleen, Sutherland; Annie, and Sutherland; Lois

: Beaton

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Group at Beaton, ca. mid-1950s. L-R: Hazel McIntosh, Mr. Shaw, Minnie Marlow Sr., Beulah Oakey, May Oakey, Cecilia Metzler, Annie Sutherland, Lois Sutherland, child, Colleen Oakey, Kathleen Sanders.

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