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2014.003.7091 35 Mile Camp, Big Bend Highway, Aug. 1936

: 2014.003.7091

: G48-00/G48-0


: 1936-08- - --

: Marjorie Davidson

: W.V. Ring

: 1930s, Ball; Frank, Belcher; Bill, Big Bend Highway, Bishop; Mex, Catherwood; Sherwood, English; Dick, Fosey; Paddy, Highway 1, Howard; Ross, Huber; John, Johanson; Johnnie, Lauthers; Mr., Moore; Jeff, Morrison; John, Munn; Donald, Putman; Matt, relief camp, road construction, Sappora; Joe, Shaw; Howard, Siriani; Johnnie, and Wilcox; Jimmy

: Downie Creek

2 b/w negatives (35 mm)

Panoramic photo of men working in Great Depression relief camp during construction of Big Bend Highway 35 miles north of Revelstoke, August 1936. L-R: Max Bishop, Johnnie Sirriani, Jeff Moore, ?, Lauthers, Johnnie Johnson (atop truck), Howard Shaw (seated on running board), John Huber (AKA Spike Huber, in truck cab), Dick English (seated on running board), ? Mackintosh (standing behind hood of truck), Paddy Foisy (seated on truck wheel), Blackie, ?, Donald Munn, Jim Wilcox, Frank Ball, ?, Sherwood Catherwood, Matt Putman, Bill Belcher, Bourne, ?, ?, Ross Howard (top of tractor), ?, ?, ?, John Morrison (in front of tractor), Joe Sappora (driving tractor). Photo by W.V. Ring, Trout Lake.

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