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2014.003.7003 Nichol farm 1954.

: 2014.003.7003

: G43-18/G43-36A/G44-0


: 1954-- - --

: Allan Nichol and Dorothy Edwards

: 1950s, Dishman; Cecil, Dishman; Redgie, Dishman; Sophia, Dishman; Thelma, Douglas; Annie, Douglas; Joan, Douglas; Ken, Edwards; Dorothy (McQueen; Dishman), farms, Martinson; Clara, McQueen; Carrie, McQueen; Jean (Bowen), McQueen; John Swan, McQueen; Muriel, McQueen; Robert, Nichol; Elsie (Bowen), Nichol; Nelson, Schumacher; Lenora, Sim; Alex, Sim; Alexis, Sim; Bertha (McQueen), and Sim; Jimmy

: Sidmouth

3 b/w negatives (35 mm)

Large group portrait on Nichol family farm, 21 Mile, Crawford Creek, Sidmouth, 1954. TOP(l-r): Thelma Dishman, Alexis Sim, Jimmy Sim, Kenny Douglas, Robert McQueen, Joan Douglas, Cecil Dishman, Redgie Dishman. MID: Elsie Nichol, Annie Douglas, Carrie McQueen, Lenora Schumacher, Alex Sim, John McQueen. BOT: Nelson Nichol, Clara Martinson, Dorothy Dishman, Sophia Dishman, Bertha Sim, Jean McQueen, Muriel McQueen.

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