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2014.003.6860 Public School, Trout Lake City, 1903

: 2014.003.6860

: G39-16


: 1903-- - --

: Jean Takkinen (Estate of Ed Vipond)

: 1900s, Abey; Frank, Abey; George, Abey; Harry, Abey; Olive, Anscombe; Lena (Vipond), Baird; Frances, Cunningham; Billy, Depain; R., Graham; Clarence, Graham; Mila, Griffith; Lois, Hollenbach; Luba, Leslie; Catharine (Vipond), Martin; Naomi (Vipond; Cusick), McPherson; Alex, McPherson; Grace, McPherson; Pearl, Morgan; Clarence, Morgan; Henry, Murray; Alice [Trout Lake], Phillips; Miss, school, Trout Lake School, and Vipond; Fred

: Trout Lake

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Trout Lake School portrait (outdoor), 1903. TOP LEFT (l-r): Miss Phillips (teacher), Henry Morgan, Clarence Graham, Clarence Morgan. TOP: ? Haner, Alex McPherson, ? Haner, Frances Baird, Mila Graham, Luba Hollenbach, Grace McPherson, Lena Vipond, ?, Billy Cunningham, R. Depain?, Fred Vipond. BOT: Gordon McPherson, Henry Abey?, Frank Abey, ?, Pearl McPherson, Naomi Vipond, Alice Murray, Hollenbach?, ?, Lois Griffith, Olive Abey, Catharine Vipond, ? Abrahamson, George Abey.

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