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2014.003.6630 Haying on Fischer farm 1935

: 2014.003.6630

: G31-23


: 1935--

: Millie Johanson

: 1930s, Caponero; Aggie, Caponero; Jean, Dernynk; Hilda (Fischer), farms, haystack/hay bale, Johanson; Millie (Fischer), Soltice; Thelma (Fischer), Upper; Eileen (Fischer), and wagon

: Sidmouth

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Women posing in hay bale on back of wagon, Fischer farm, Sidmouth, 1935. L-R: Millie Fischer, Aggie Caponero, Eileen Fischer, Hilda Fischer, Jean Caponero. Thelma Fischer in front of wagon at bottom.

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