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2014.003.6625 Wedding of Lester & Sadie, 1906, Wisconsin

: 2014.003.6625

: G31-18


: 1906-03-27

: Millie Johanson

: 1900s, Evans; Bertha [Wisconsin], Faucett; Lester, Faucett; Sarah 'Sadie' (Vigue), Vigue; John Jr., and wedding

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Studio portrait, wedding of Lester Faucett and Sadie Vigue, Marinette, Wisconsin, 27 March 1906. L-R: Bertha Evans, John Vigue Jr., Lester Faucett, Sadie Faucett (Sadie Vigue). Notes: 'This picture was taken in March 27, 1906 before John Vigue & family moved west to Idaho, Sadie did not come West. Picture taken in Wisconsin'. John Vigue Jr. settled in Sidmouth in 1910.

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