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2014.003.6544 Alice Lynne (Celgar boat), Arrowhead, July 29 – 1952

: 2014.003.6544

: G29-7


: 1952-07-29

: Muriel Rudd

: Earle Dickey

: 1950s, Alice Lynne (boat), Canadian Pacific Railway, Canadian Pacific Railway station (Arrowhead), Canadian Pacific Railway wharf (Arrowhead), Celgar (Columbia Cellulose/Canadian Cellulose), lumber, train, train station, and Upper Arrow Lake

: Arrowhead

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Celgar boat Alice Lynne docked at Canadian Pacific Railway wharf, Arrowhead, Upper Arrow Lake, 29 July 1952. Load of lumber at centre. Boxcars on railway at right. Old Imperial Bank/Arrowhead Co-op building at top right.

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