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2014.003.6287 A freight team brings supplies and powder along the rutted track from Beaton B.C. to Ferguson B.C.

: 2014.003.6287

: G20-33


: 1904-- - --

: Cathy Bland

: 1900s, Ferguson Road, glacier, horse, Saddle Mountain, Trout Lake Glacier, Trout Mountain, and wagon

: Ferguson

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Promotional photograph from CBC Times, Vancouver, 28 November-4 December, ca. 1960s. Caption: 'In the picture above, photographed in 1904, a freight team bring supplies and powder along the rutted track from Beaton, B.C. (population then: 250) to Ferguson, B.C. (population then: 2000). Today this road, although somewhat smoother, remains the same. The towns however are virtually deserted. Each Wednesday at 10:15 p.m. on CBC-AM Radio, Fred Lade presents his first hand true stories about "The Men Of The Lardeau", the pioneer of this West Kootenay area in the first years of this century. Mr. Lade at 16 (in 1906) was the youngest stage coach drive in that country. He is currently writing a book, "Miner's Boy", in collaboration with Ina Rawson, on this subject.'

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