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Arrow Lakes
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2014.003.6132 Myrna, Walter Nelson (his boat), Galena Bay

: 2014.003.6132

: G16-7A


: 1962--

: Wardle

: John Nelson

: 1960s, Myrna (boat), Nelson; Walter Scott, and Upper Arrow Lake

: Galena Bay

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Walter Nelson (right) with his boat Myrna on beach at Galena Bay. Photo by John Nelson. Notes: 'Meet Walter Nelson on his 60 horse power 'Myrna' launch that he built himself in our workshop. He even made the boards complete from local cedar trees. The man standing on left is a mail clerk on Canadian Pacific Transcontinental Railway train on a summers vacation. Note the high snow capped mountains in the distance. Some of them are rich in gold and silver ores. Here you see forest trees by the million - Fir, spruce, hemlock, birch, white pine, larch, cotton wood and giant cedar trees. The Canadian 'Wild West' of the Selkirk Mountains. John Nelson. Sent Aug 23 1962.'

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