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2014.003.613 Gram Parent, Women’s Institute

: 2014.003.613

: A35-9


: 1915-- - 1929--

: Mary Keys

: 1910s, Bailey; Ethel (Gregory), Bill; Letitia, Bill; May, Bowes; Annie, Carlson; Ella, Carruthers; Mary, Crowell; Lydia, Dougan; Maude (Gardner), Gardner; Maud (Williams), Gigot; Eunice (Carruthers; Short), Glendinning; Lena, Grigg; Emily (Chandler), Grigg; John Jr., Harvey; Florence (Moul), Horne; Catherine, Lightburn; Miss (nurse), McDougald; Ivan, McDougald; Sarah Maud (Muirhead), Moul; Emily Caroline, Nakusp Women's Institute, Parent; Alice Sr., Patterson; Edith (Stanton), Poole; Florence, Quance; Daisy Geraldine, Wagstaff; Phoebe, and women's institute

: Nakusp

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Group portrait of Nakusp Women's Institute members underneath tree, ca. 1910s. TOP (l-r): Florence Moul, Letitia Bill, Edith Patterson, Florence Harvey, Miss Lightburn, Catherine Horne, Maude Gardner, ? Cobeen, Phoebe Wagstaff, Lena Glendenning, Clease?/Harlow?, Annie Bowes, Ethel Gregory. MID: ? Walker, Mary Carruthers, Maud Gardner, Ella Carlson?, Emily Grigg, Florence Poole, Lydia Crowell?, Maud McDougald, Alice Parent Sr., Daisy Quance, May Bill. BOT: Eunice Carruthers, ?, John Grigg, Ivan McDougald, Frederick Quance or Thomas Quance

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