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2014.003.605 Nakusp Elementary 1949

: 2014.003.605

: A34-22


: 1949-- - --

: Mary Keys

: 1940s, Addison; David, Bargery; Faye, Belton; Paula (Maxwell), Bjorkland; Eric, Brown; Doug, Crowell; Stanley, Dent; Thelma, Friedenberger; Margaret (Bowes), Fulkco; Wallace 'Wally', Hascarl; Gerry, Hill; Ronnie, Jansen; Ron, Kandal; Ione (Harris), Lindsay; Elaine (Wanstall), Maxwell; Art, McIntosh; Donna, Morehouse; Garth, Nakusp Elementary School, Parent; Judy, Petterson; Shirley, Pozdnikoff; Sharon (Rogers), school, Stanley; Delbert, Stanley; Shirley, and Taje; Marie (Wanstall)

: Nakusp

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

School class portrait, Nakusp Elementary School, 1949. TOP(l-r by heads): ?, Donna McIntosh, Thelma Dent, Paula Maxwell, Shirley Petterson, Judy Parent, Sharon Rogers, Ione Harris, Faye Bargery, Shirley Stanley, Donna McDonnell, ?, Marie Wanstall, Margaret Bowes, Elaine Wanstall. BOT by heads: ?, ?, David Addison, ?, Stanley Crowell, Eric Bjorkland, Art Maxwell, Doug Brown, Ron Jansen, Ron Hill?, ?, Wallace Fulkco, Garth Morehouse, Gerald Hascarl, ?, ?.

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