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2014.003.6003 54th in front of Small Hall, Nakusp

: 2014.003.6003

: G10-14A


: 1915-- - 1919--

: Estate of Fred Vipond

: 1910s, 54th Kootenay Battalion, 87 5th Avenue NW, Burling; Amos, Craft; George Jr., Dunn; Art, Parish Hall/Small Hall, Pine Avenue, Smith; Les, Vipond; Fred, and World War I

: Nakusp

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Soldiers from 54th Kootenay Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Forces, posing in front of Small Hall, Lake Avenue, Nakusp, World War I. TOP (l-r): George Craft, ?, Amos Burling, ?, ?. BOT: Les Smith, ?, ?, Art Dunn, Fred Vipond. Children at bottom unidentified.

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