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2014.003.5953 Hauling into Teddy Glacier (note small carts)

: 2014.003.5953

: G8-7


: 1933-- - 1938--

: Edna Daney

: 1930s, Brandon; James 'Jim', horse, Johnson; Slim, Mackintosh; Duncan, Metzler; Gray, mining, Oakey; Archie, Rowe; Steve, Smith; Mel, Teddy Glacier Mine, and West; Jack

: Camborne

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Workers hauling supplies into Teddy Glacier mine northwest of Camborne, 1930s. FRONT (l-r): Steve Rowe, Duncan Mackintosh, Gray Metzler, Archie Oakey, Slim Johnson, Jack West, Jim Shields. BACK (l-r): ?, Jim Brandon, Mel Smith, ?.

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