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2014.003.564 Hoogerwerfs on road crew (negative)

: 2014.003.564

: A33-3


: 1907-- - 1920--

: Leslie Yanak and McDougald

: Aalten; Karl, Bowes; Tom, Boyd; Byron, Buesnel; Phil, Chandler; John, Crowell; Fletcher 'Flet', Donselaar; Nicolaas, Gregory; Charles, Henke; Paul R., Hoogerwerf; Bouke (AKA De Graaf; Derek), Hoogerwerf; Jan, Jamieson; Jim, McDougald; Lyland Franklin 'Lyle', Moul; Tom, Rice; Fred, road construction, and Vestrup; Jim

: Brouse

1 b/w negative (35 mm), 1 digital image (2567 x 1743 pixels)

Road crew believed to be working near Nakusp, early 20th century. TOP (l-r): Nick Donselaar, Byron Boyd, Tom Bowes, Charlie Gregory, Tom Moul, Fred Rice, Jim Jamieson, ?, Jan Hoogerwerf, Phil Buesnel, Bouke Hoogerwerf, LaRue, Chandler. BOT (l-r): Lyle McDougald, Jim Vestrup, Flet Crowell, Paul Henke, Karl Aalten.

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