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2014.003.5638 Henke home

: 2014.003.5638

: F33-4A


: 1912-- - 1913--

: Paul Henke

: 1910s, 264 Alexander Road, 495 Nakusp East Road, farms, Hamling; Alma (Henke), Hascarl; Martha (Henke), Henke; Bill, Henke; Clara, Henke; Gustav 'Gus', Henke; Paul A., and Tarr; Elsa (Henke; Olson)

: Glenbank

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Henke family on porch of house, Glenbank, mid-1910s. L-R: Clara Henke, Paul Henke, Martha Henke, Alma Henke, Bill Henke, Elsa Henke, Gus Henke. Notes from Milton Parent: 'Location - 1909. Glenbank. Lot 1, 10 acres, Edwards subdivision (now 264 Alexander Road/495 Nakusp East Road). Builder, Info - Henke. Note-Info says E. Johnson owned this first. Sub owners - Fellows, 1919. Fred dies in 1943. Swigarts came in 1945. Had this ranch. House burns in 1966.'

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