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2014.003.5415 Evans family with mother at Silverton

: 2014.003.5415

: F21-16A


: 1951-06-26 - --

: Lena Beggs

: 1950s, Beggs; Lena (Evans; Fairhurst), Cartie; Florence, Evans; Cyril, Evans; Trevor, funeral, Peachey; Annie (Evans), Peachey; Arthur, and Percival; Victoria

: Silverton

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Evans family (formerly of Nakusp) at funeral of Arthur Peachey (husband of Annie Peachey, formerly Annie Evans) of Silverton, 26 June 1951. Notes: 'Mrs. Evans died at 92. Peachey Funeral, second husband'. L-R: Trevor Evans, Florence Cartie, Cyril Evans, Lena Fairhurst, Victoria Percival, Annie Peachey.

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