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2014.003.5167 The class of 1942 at Fire Valley School

: 2014.003.5167

: F4-00


: 1942--

: Denis Stanley

: 1940s, Barker; Joyce (Flick), Bilinski; Lucia (Flick), Crabbe; Roland 'Rollie', deGans; Don, deGans; Lawrence, DeYaeger; Johnny, Flick; Art, Flick; John, Henry; Emily (Hopp), Hopp; Sidney, Inonoaklin Valley School, Klein; Eugene, Klein; Hugo, McClellan; Grace (Lindsay), Morrison; Vera (Prough), Nesbitt; Teresa (de Yaeger), Poulton; Ruth (Lindsay), Prough; Eileen (deGans), Prough; Jean, Prough; Joyce, school, and Streeter; Lawrence

: Edgewood

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Class portrait, Inonoaklin Valley School (Fire Valley School) north of Edgewood, 1942. Accompanied notes from Arrow Lakes News: 'The class of 1942 at Fire Valley School. The teacher was Al Angrignon and the author Grace Lindsay is the girl in the second row, second from the right. Absent from the photo were Harold Hug and Ella Hug (Spence). The students have been identified by the author and married names are in brackets, where known. The little guy in the front row holding the trophy is Donald deGans. The girls behind him are (left to right) Joyce Prough, Vera Prough (Morrison), Lucy Flick (Bilinski - deceased), Grace Lindsay (McClellan), Joyce Flick (Barker). The next row of girls include (left to right) Jean Prough, Teresa DeYaeger (Nesbitt), Eileen deGans (Prough), Emily Hopp (Henry), Mabel Wilson (Forslund - deceased), Ruth Lindsay (Poulton). The boys in the back are (left to right), John Flick, Arthur Flick, Eugene Klein, John DeYaeger, Hugo Klein, Laurence (Rud) Streeter, Lawrence deGans, Roland Crabbe, Sidney Hopp.'

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