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2014.003.5140 Wedding, Florence Green—Joe Adshead

: 2014.003.5140

: F2-9


: 1934-04-02 - --

: Florence Adshead

: 1930s, Adshead; Cecil, Adshead; Christopher, Adshead; Florence (Green), Adshead; Hannah, Adshead; Herbert, Adshead; Joe, Adshead; Margaret, Adshead; Margaret (younger), church, Green; Clifford, Green; Frank, Green; Julia, Gregory; Marie (Green), Hall; Jesse, Knelson; Amy (Adshead), St. John the Divine Anglican Church, and wedding

: East Arrow Park

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Attendees, wedding of Florence Green of Carrolls Landing to Joe Adshead of Makinson, St. John's Anglican Church, East Arrow Park, 2 April 1934. L-R: Herbert Adshead, Julia Green, ?, Cliff Green, Jesse Hall, ?, ?, Florence Adshead (Florence Green), Cecil Adshead, ?, Frank Green, Joe Adshead, Amy Adshead, Hannah Adshead, Margaret Adshead Sr., Chris Adshead, Marie Green, ?, ?, Margaret Adshead, ?, Bailey, ?.

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