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2014.003.5134 Baird family, Brouse

: 2014.003.5134

: F2-3


: 1916--

: Harry Mayson

: 1910s, Baird farm (Brouse), Baird; George, Baird; Gordon, Baird; Jim, Baird; Marsden, Baird; Mary, Baird; Robert 'Bob', farms, King; Alice (Baird; LaRue), and Turner; Ruth (Baird)

: Brouse

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Robert Haslam Baird family posing in field on their ranch in Brouse, 1916. L-R: Robert Haslam Baird (Bob Baird), Alice Baird (age 7), Ruth Baird (age 3), George Baird (age 1), Mary Hannah Baird, James Baird (age 9), Gordon Baird (age 11), Marsden Baird (age 5). Ranch is now the Nakusp Centennial Golf Course.

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