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2014.003.4468 Mrs. Sundstrom, Betty, Roy

: 2014.003.4468

: E11-20A


: 1930--

: Betty Walker

: 1930s, Sundstrom; Annie (Millar), Sundstrom; Roy, and Walker; Betty (Sundstrom)

: Nakusp

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Members of the Sundstrom family of Burton posing on sidewalk in front of house, Nakusp, 1930. L-R: Betty Sundstrom, Roy Sundstrom, Annie Sundstrom. During this time, the Sundstroms lived on their Burton farm in winter and on weekends, and in a house in Nakusp during summer weekdays while father Bert Sundstrom worked at the Nakusp sawmill.

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