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2014.003.4321 W.A. to Church of England, Meeting at Sherwood, Oct. 1915

: 2014.003.4321

: E2-3


: 1915-10-

: Marvel Milne

: 1910s, Blakeman; Irene (younger), Blakeman; Violet, Boothby; Hilda (Jowett), Caldwell; Mrs., church, Church; Mary, Ellis; Isabella, Ford; Claire (Pearson), Hanson; Jenny, Jowett; Isabel, Jowett; Margaret 'Maggie' (Littlewood), Kilner; Mrs., Montgomery; Miss, Montgomery; Rev., Sherwood (Jowett family residence), St. Agnes Anglican Church (original), and Williams; Jane

: Applegrove

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

St. Agnes Anglican Church Women's Auxiliary meeting, Jowett Ranch, Sherwood opposite Edgewood on Lower Arrow Lake, October 1915. TOP (l-r): Miss Stevens, Mrs. Kilner, Mrs. Caldwell, Miss Montgomery, Jenny Hanson. MID: Hilda Jowett, Isabella Ellis, Violet Blakeman, Mary Church, Isabel Jowett. BOT: Jane Williams, Maggie Jowett, Reverend Montgomery, Irene Blakeman, Claire Ford.

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