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2014.003.4233 Cook’s Hall at Glenbank, Dec 26, Ted & Nell Brown wedding

: 2014.003.4233

: D45-16


: 1927-12-26

: Mary Bailey

: 1920s, 581 Shakespeare Road, Brown; Nellie (How), Brown; Ted, Cook's Hall, and wedding

: Glenbank

1 b/w negative (35 mm)

Hall and dining table set up for Ted Brown & Nellie How's wedding reception, Cook's Hall, Glenbank, 26 December 1927. Accompanying note: 'Mr. and Mrs. F. Fellows request the pleasure of your company at a dance given in honour of Mr. Brown and Miss How on the occasion of their marriage on December 26th, 1927. R.S.V.P.'

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